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An Affordable Healthcare Membership Program To Help You Access Your Best Health & Wellness


At Wellspring we believe everyone should have access to comprehensive medical care, so we have designed an all inclusive program that provides just that. Every year, the cost of traditional health insurance continues to rise. Increasing premiums and deductibles, co-pays, and lack of access have made it difficult for many individuals to receive effective healthcare.

Our membership program is designed to provide an alternative for individuals and families that do not have medical insurance. It allows members to receive such services as comprehensive care services, including, but not limited to, annual physicians, preventive care, sick visits.


Service Rates

Initial Enrollment Fee $ 75.00
Re-enrollment Fee $ 149.00
Individual $ 99/month
Family of 2 $ 179 /month
Family of 3 $ 249/month
Family of 4 $ 299/month
Each additional $ 49/month
Specialty Rider* $ 79/month
*Per each individual enrolled for specialty services.

Sample of Family Practice Services Included in Membership

  • Abscess Incision and Drainage *

  • Acute and Non-acute Office Visits

  • Annual Wellness Exam (1/contract year)

  • Basic Vision Screening

  • Blood Pressure Management

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Diabetic Management

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)

  • Flu Vaccine (1/contract year)

  • Influenza A & B Testing*

  • Joint and trigger point injections

  • Preventative health guidance and recommendations for smoking cessation, stress management, and behavior modification, etc.

  • Rapid Test for Strep Throat *

  • Removal of benign skin lesions/warts *

  • Removal of Cerumen (ear wax)

  • School/sports physicals

  • Simple aspiration/injection of joint *

  • Urinalysis *

  • Well-Baby Care

  • Well-Woman Care/ Pap Smear* (1/contract year)

  • Wound Repair and Sutures, and follow-up

Services denoted by an asterisk (*) above may require use of an external laboratory or other external service which may not be covered by the standard Monthly Membership Fee.

Vaccines not noted above are not included in the Monthly Membership Fee and will also require payment of additional fees. 20% discount is not applied towards vaccines.

Specialty Services Offered

Wellspring Specialty services include unlimited consultations, follow-up appointments and limited procedures with our specialist. There is a 20% discount on all in-house services not covered by the specialty services rider.

  • Diabetic Education

  • Endocrinology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Gynecology

  • Neurology

  • Nutritional Therapy

  • Pain Management

  • Podiatry

  • Pulmonology

  • Weight Loss

Program Disclaimers

  • Individuals/Families must Not Be enrolled in any commercial or private networks nor be eligible for medicare or medicaid benefits.

  • Wellspring Membership Program is NOT an insurance plan and is only valid at Wellspring facilities.

  • Memberships are not considered “medical expenses” for tax purposes

  • HSA cards or Flex Spending Accounts are not accepted for program payment at this time.

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Family Practice & Walk-in Clinic

15237 Creativity Drive

Culpeper, VA 22701


Monday - Sunday 8 am-5 pm


Wellspring Downtown


608 South Main Street

Culpeper, VA 22701


Monday - Sunday 8 am-5 pm

Moving October 1st, 2021

Wellspring Specialty Clinic

663 Sunset Lane

Culpeper, VA 22701


Monday - Sunday 8 am-5 pm