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Wellspring Health Services Now Offers COVID-19 Testing

Wellspring Health Services is now offering Covid-19 testing to scheduled patients. This service is only being offered in the drive thru and patients are requested to wear a mask while in contact with the provider unless the provider asks that it be removed for testing purposes. 

Wellspring Health Services Introduces Drive-Thru Clinic & Implements More Safety Measures

The Drive-Thru Clinic offers peace of mind for not only those that have cough and cold symptoms and need to be seen.
We want the public and our patients to know that we will continue to take measures to ensure the safest environment inside and outside for them and our staff, as we will be doing our part to flatten the curve. The drive-thru is open 8 am- 5 pm every day (weather dependent & open later depending on demand) to patients age 2+ with fever, cold or flu symptoms. Covid testing is available.

The inside clinic is still open to all other patients and our providers are also seeing patients through telehealth. We have taken extra measures to screen patients prior to entering the building, only allowing patients and one parent/chaperone if needed in the clinic, and ensuring social distancing practices throughout our facility. We want you to know we care about the safety and well-being of our staff, our patients and our community and want you to feel completely comfortable visiting us.

Do I need an appointment to get COVID-19 tested?

Yes. An appointment will be scheduled with a Wellspring provider in our drive thru for an office visit and COVID-19 testing done if needed.

Is the COVID-19 test rapid?

We have both rapid result tests and send off tests, however availability varies. COVID-19 tests processed by LabCorp have a turn around time in 24-48 hours.

Does the test hurt?

No. Both tests offered at this time use a small cotton swab that is gently swabbed in both nares.

How much does the test cost?

Testing requires a visit with a Wellspring provider which is covered by most insurances with a co-pay. At this time rapid COVID-19 tests are free and tests sent out are processed and billed by LabCorp.

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