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Tarjeta de crédito registrada

Credit Card on File Q & A

FAQs from Patients about Card on File

Q: I’ve never had to do this before at any other doctor’s office.
A: More and more doctor’s offices are starting to use credit card contracts. This automated billing cuts down on time spent by our team and our patients doing billing tasks. It is not uncommon in many medical practices, pharmacies and labs to require a credit Card on File. Other businesses, like hotels, car rental agencies, Amazon and Netflix also request a Card on File.

Q: I don’t have a credit card and/or I always pay cash.
A: You are welcome to leave a HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flexible Spending Account), debit
card or Flex Plan Card on File. Our practice wants to switch away from less efficient forms of
payment, so we have more time to focus on giving you quality care.

Q: I don’t like to give out my email.
A: Your email will ONLY be used to send you notifications and receipts concerning your Card on File.
We will not give it to anyone else, and we will not use it to contact you in any other way. (Note: if you already have an email on file, and happen to use that email for your Card on File, you will continue to receive standard communication emails).

Q: I don’t have email
A: Our team is most successful when we can communicate with you through electronic means. In order to register for our patient portal and take advantage of it's features or email our staff, an email is needed. There are many easy to use platforms that can be used to create an email account on your mobile device in minutes such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Q: What will my card be used for?
A: Your Card on File will be used to cover any charges your insurance company did not cover. This
includes copays, deductibles and co- insurance. If you have a one year Card on File, you can pay
your copay at appointments with your Card on File, without swiping your card every time.

Q: What if I disagree with a charge?
A: We’ll send you an email five days before the charge is due to take place. If you feel that the charge is
incorrect, we can hold it while you sort the situation out with your insurance company. The amount
you owe is determined by your insurance company, not by our practice.

Q: What about identity theft and privacy?
A: You card will be stored by Elavon, Inc., a secure credit card processor affiliated with U.S. Bank that
partners our practice to collect payments. (Note: we also discuss security on the agreement that
patient’s sign).

Q: I’m concerned that staff will have access to my card number.
A: Once the contract is established, office personnel will not have access to your card. Only the last 4
digits of your card will be viewable in our system.

Patient FAQs for Automated Payment Plans

Q: How do I know my credit card information is safe?
A: From the time that the card is swiped, your card information is handled and stored securely and
electronically by athenahealth and our partner Elavon, a subsidiary of US Bank. Elavon is one of the
world’s leading credit card processors and abides by the strictest security standards. Athena has
also passed an industry security audit so our workflows are compliant with best practices. Office
personnel will not have access to your card. Only the last 4 digits of your card will be visible in our

Q: How much will I be charged?
A: You determine with us at the time you create the payment plan arrangement the
monthly amount to be charged. Also, once the series of payment plan transactions are complete, the
arrangement expires and your credit card information is no longer valid. You can’t be charged again
without your authorization.

Q: How will I know when my card is being charged?
A: You will define at the time you create the payment plan arrangement the specific day of the month when
your credit card will be charged. For months when this day falls on a weekend, the transaction will occur
on the next business day. 
You will also receive and emailed receipt for each monthly transaction.

Q: What happens if I decide to cancel the Payment Plan?
A: Contact us at any time and we can cancel the agreement. Any balance due will be
billed via a paper statement.

Q: What happens if I have insufficient funds?
A: Your card will not be charged and you will receive an email indicating that the payment was not
made. The payment plan will be canceled, and the remaining balance due will be billed via a paper

Q: How will I know when I have reached the last payment on my payment plan?
A: When your payment plan is created, your doctor should be able to tell you how many payments will
be required to pay off the plan. Also, you will receive an email separate from your receipt when the
payment plan is paid in full.

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