Wellspring Health Services Providing Chronic Care Monitoring Conveniently Provided at Home


Wellspring@Home is a remote patient-monitoring service provided by Wellspring Health Services that is designed to help patients live as well and as independently as possible. The service, aided by technology, identifies changes in vital health information. Wellspring@Home allows patients and their caregivers to take proactive steps to maintain and enhance well-being.

Remote patient monitoring is provided by a Registered Nurse or Health Data Specialist who reviews wellness data during daylight hours, seven days a week. The Wellspring@Home service “learns” a patient’s daily health pattern including medication schedule and typical vital sign readings. The service detects changes in a patient’s daily pattern. These changes might indicate a health concern. For example, if a patient’s blood pressure has increased, or when the nurse or specialist detects unusual vital sign changes, they will call the patient to make sure they’re OK. If the patient is having any problems, their Wellspring Physician will be notified.

Remote patient monitoring by professionals, coupled with technology, provides a proactive approach to chronic disease management, and improves wellness and overall health outcomes. The information gathered by the Wellspring@Home service keeps caregivers informed about potential, emerging health conditions which allow patients to live healthier longer in the place they want to call home.

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